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Where slash gnomes go to bleeeeeed

ER: boyslash and girlslash
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Does what it says on the tin people.

Slash and Femslash of the ER variety.

Fics, Drabbles, Icons, Fanart, Fanvids.

Cut-tag liberally.

We mods (bettyswollocs & broken_wings217 are not nazis (Liberal Democrats actually but thats beside the point) however we will be the first to admit that flamers, homophobes, crap grammar users and spellers, and general fucktards piss us off greatly. If you fall into one of these categories, don't worry, you will be informed and gently or otherwise escorted from the premises.

That is all.

Good-day fellow ERians.

*writers of good Kim fic OR Ray fic get sexual favours cookies* < /shameless bribery >